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Emergency Plumbing Service in Buda, TX

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Whether it is a busted pipe or a running toilet, how you react in an emergency is very important to fixing the problem. Here are useful tips and tricks for the next time you face a plumbing emergency. Which we know will happen eventually.

Plumbing Services At Home

  • Plan: Know your plumbing system before disaster strikes. Locate the main water value as well as all isolation values on the individual lines. Purchase plumber’s tape and keep it alongside a plunger and some wrenches.
  • React: As soon as you realize there is a problem, shut off the main water valve or the isolation valve to stop the water flow. If you turn off the main water value, remember to also turn off the water heater or set it on pilot to prevent hot water from building up inside.
  • Call: Contact Plumber Near Me, if you cannot fix the problem yourself.
  • Reduce the mess: Remove any water or debris to reduce the amount of damage on your floors.

Do You Need Toilet Repair?

A running toilet can be annoying, but can you fix the problem yourself or should you hire a toilet plumber? Here are some typical problems found with toilet repair.

  • Problem #1: Random Flushing
    Possible Solution: Drain the tank and check the seal on the flapper. It may need a good cleaning to create a better seal. If that does not stop the problem, the flapper may be deteriorated and will have to be replaced.
  • Problem #2: Trickling Water
    Possible Solution: Remove the lid and make sure the floater is not detached or stuck. If that is not the source of the problem, check the refill tube. It should only hang a few centimeters over the edge of the overflow pipe.
  • Problem #3: Weak Flush
    Possible Solution: The main cause of a weak flush is clogged holes along the rim of the bowl. Clean the debris to remove the blockage. If the problem does not go away, you may need to consider replacing the toilet or hiring a plumber.

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Warning Signs You Have a Plumbing Leak

A leak in your plumbing system can often lead to serious damage and consequences. In addition to the financial cost, a leak can potentially ruin your yard, foundation, or flooring. Here are common warning signs of a leak:

  • High water bill: Unless you have increased your amount of water usage, a higher than normal monthly bill could be a sign water is leaking.
  • A decrease in water pressure: It is normal for lower water pressure when you have several appliances running at the same time. If the water pressure is weak when there is nothing else in use, there could be a potential leak.
  • Noises: If you hear gurgling noises while running an appliance, or hear water running in the walls when no appliances are being used, this is a major sign of a leak and you should call a plumber immediately.
  • Rotten Egg or Bad Smell: Bad odors around running water can often be caused by a leak. Natural gases and certain bacteria can potentially seep into your water supply, which causes it to stink. If the smell is only around hot water, the problem might be with your water heater. However, if you notice the smell around both hot and cold water you potentially have a more serious problem with your water supply system.
  • Floor: Swelling, cracks in the floor, or warm spots can sometimes be caused by a leak underneath the floor.

If you recognize any of these signs, it is possible there is a leak somewhere within your plumbing system. To get it checked out, contact Plumber Near Me today.

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