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Owners of commercial buildings must understand backflow prevention — or, at least, trust a plumber who understands it thoroughly. Property owners may not be responsible for the conditions that create backflow, but they are required by law to implement and maintain basic safeguards against it.

Plumber Near Me is here to help you navigate this important aspect of your plumbing system by providing backflow services throughout Buda, Austin, and Central Texas.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow refers to water or other liquids entering the potable water supply from a source other than the intended source. Obviously, the intended sources are tested and treated for safety, while unintended sources could contain used, contaminated, or polluted water. Backflow can create a major health hazard.

What Causes Backflow in Plumbing?

Backflow occurs when negative pressure builds up in plumbing. If a cross-connection exists to connect plumbing to a contaminated water source — for example, a garden hose left in a chemically-treated swimming pool — that contaminated water could get siphoned or sucked back into the plumbing and mix with the drinking water, contaminating the outflow. Other common sources of contaminated water include irrigation systems, water softeners, and sewer pipes. It is important to note that a drop in plumbing pressure can occur at any time and may be out of your ability to control.

What Is Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention assembly uses valves to prevent contaminants from mixing with the potable water supply due to backflow. Two devices typically required include:

– Double Check Valve Assembly (DCV)
– Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZ)

What Does a Backflow Preventer Do?

Backflow Preventers turn the property’s main drain into a one-way street. Water is meant to flow out of it. If negative pressure creates a tendency for water to flow back into the plumbing, the valves close and contaminated water is prevented from entering the water supply.

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Our Backflow Prevention Services

Preventing backflow is critical to the operation of your commercial property.

To keep your water supply clean, Plumber Near Me offers the following important services:

Annual Backflow Prevention and Testing

Every year, Plumber Near Me can perform a diagnostic check of your property’s water assembly. This includes checking the pressure maintenance capacity of your backflow preventers and their effectiveness against groundwater contamination. We can make any necessary recalibrations, repairs, and provide tips on how you can proactively keep your water clean, preserving the value of your commercial building.

Plumber Near Me can provide reminders of when it is time to check your backflow prevention devices. We can complete your backflow certification for the city, processing all the paperwork necessary to confirm that your backflow preventers comply with applicable local codes. All of our inspection reports are archived for your peace of mind. They can be produced if the quality of your system is ever challenged.

RPZ assemblies must be checked annually; DCV assemblies must be checked every three years.

Backflow Preventer Installation and Repair

Plumber Near Me is licensed to install DCV and RPZ assemblies, and other backflow prevention devices. If a backflow preventer malfunctions, call Plumber Near Me immediately. We can dispatch a qualified plumber to address the issue and perform repairs quickly.

Your Locally Trusted Plumbers and Backflow Prevention Needs

Plumber Near Me brings 15 years of plumbing experience to the task of keeping your building compliant with backflow prevention regulations. We take great pride in serving the communities of Central Texas, listening to our commercial clients, and performing services with the least possible invasion or interruption.

We are able to test for backflow, make necessary repairs, and file certifications with the city with minimal disruption to your business operations.

The staff of expert and master plumbers assembled by Plumber Near Me are rigorously trained in numerous plumbing disciplines, including the science of backflow prevention. We are committed to providing the most cutting-edge service, relieving property owners of a major compliance burden.

Commercial property owners perform a valuable service by maintaining clean drinking water on their premises, and Plumber Near Me is here to help.

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